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85%-98% of women will develop cellulite at some point in their lives. Did you know that no amount of diet or exercise can prevent or reduce cellulite? Even average, lean and fit women frequently have cellulite. Just look at the magazines on the newsstands – even celebrities struggle with cellulite.

SmoothShapes® is the long lasting, non-invasive cellulite treatment. Cellulite reduction isn't just about creating smoother, tighter skin – it's also about creating a more confident, self-assured woman.

Micro Dermabrasion
Micro Dermabrasion
Our goal is to offer high quality, professional, one-on-one treatment to our clients. We monitor your progress by meticulously documenting each client’s results and settings to ensure optimal results and safety.

Suzanne Carpentieri is a trained medical esthetician with almost a decade of experience working with lasers. She has performed thousands of procedures with excellent results.